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Communities need to safeguard themselves against any crisis. Accidents and Crime is a reality in our daily lives and happens when we expect it the least . This is where Community Alert will support any community from a small farm to a large integrated community to support each other in times of a crisis. We need to stand together and protect ourselves as well as other members of our community.

Time can be the difference between life or death.

Cellphone applications or Radio communication is NOT the answer. We all know that you will not have the time to open an application on your cellphone when you are in a security crisis. You will also not have your radio with you across South Africa. You need a solution that can protect you anytime, anywhere for example when you collect your children from school, when you are on holiday or when you are working on your farm. The answer is in Community Alert.

sharp increase in farm attacks this year
Farm murders and rural crime
one or more victims were murdered In 9% of the incidents reported,
months since start of 2020
+ 0
farm Attacks
+ 0
Don't be the next victim

Our goal is to prevent attacks to your communities.

Communities are expressing their serious protest against the escalating crime situation of South Africa. 

No person  is safe on our roads, in our cities, at holiday resorts or even at our own homes or farm anymore.

It is time for normal people to say, “enough is enough” and Communities should stand up and say we work together, and we need to fight back against crime in our country. 

By integrating technology in your community safety initiatives, we will see a drastic decline in criminal activities as it serves as a force multiplier. TIME is the most critical factor when it comes to safety and security and this is where technology plays a major role.

We hear on a daily basis of crime victims saying: “if only we could have received support earlier”.  The sooner we get a warning in a crime situation, the sooner we can decide and act. Time can be the difference between life or death.

With above in mind,  StratIT developed our COMMUNITY ALERT SYSTEM.

Basically the system is an integration of technology in your community safety initiatives. Our system provides the following: We are already working with SAPS, Security companies, Organised agriculture and other organisations Now individual Communities can also support each other when a person in their region needs either medical or security need.

big enough to serve you, small enough to know you

How it works



TOTAL PEACE OF MIND with the press of a button 24/7 365 days per year

Community Alert is the ONLY service that includes free Command and Control Software, Free Reaction Software with both Security and Accidental Emergency Services: (included in the Monthly Subscription) :

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Promoting Safety through effective locate, secure and protect technologies.

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Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you.

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