A total of 128 farm attacks have been reported in the first six months of 2020. Don't be the next victum



Communities are expressing their serious protest against the escalating crime situation of South Africa. 

No person  is safe on our roads, in our cities, at holiday resorts or even at our own homes or farm anymore.

It is time for normal people to say, “enough is enough” and Communities should stand up and say we work together, and we need to fight back against crime in our country. 

By integrating technology in your community safety initiatives, we will see a drastic decline in criminal activities as it serves as a force multiplier. TIME is the most critical factor when it comes to safety and security and this is where technology plays a major role.

We hear on a daily basis of crime victims saying: “if only we could have received support earlier”.  The sooner we get a warning in a crime situation, the sooner we can decide and act. Time can be the difference between life or death.


With above in mind,  StratIT developed our COMMUNITY ALERT SYSTEM.

Basically the system is an integration of technology in your community safety initiatives. Our system provides the following:

  • Command and Control Software (free of charge)
  • Reaction Software for quick reaction (free of charge) to communities
  • We are already working with SAPS, Security companies, Organised agriculture and other organisations
  • Now individual Communities can also support each other when a person in their region needs either medical or security need
  • Medical Accidental Services are included in our offering for quick medical support when needed



StratIT offers our Command and Control software to communities for free. With this system Community Safety Groups can manage their community members’s safety and security. With this system the responders location can be tracked when a SOS alarm has been activated. You can pro-actively control the movement of people in a crime situation. 

We believe when communities can proactively manage and control their regions, then they can “see, decide and act” in order to prevent crime in their specific areas.

This system is already successfully deployed at various communities in South Africa and the communities using it are capable of protecting each other and also successfully integrate with SAPS, Private Security companies and any community safety groups.

Through our platform we can notify team members, family, friends, SAPS, Security companies and community members when an individual needs support. This means immediate reaction can be provided and as we know by now that TIME IS CRITICAL


Other components that are provided by StratIT includes the response software (for free)  to communities.

It is easy to use and quick to install the software on the cellphones of the individuals, community members, private security, SAPS or anyone who is willing to respond in case you are in a panic situation – both medical and security.

Our system will immediately notify the five nearest responders when someone in a community has activated a panic.

The response teams will then be able to act in minutes to arrive in the shortest time to the correct GPRS coordinates where the SOS Alert has been activated.

Through the Command And Control system the Community Safety Leaders can ensure any security alert is dealt with professionally and successfully.

 StratIT offers all training required for above at no cost to the community


In South Africa there are hundreds of different emergency/security cellphone  applications on the market. StratIT also give a free cellphone application automatically, when any individual invest in obtaining his/her panic buttons.

Unfortunately a cellphone is NOT the right device to use when you are in an emergency situation. Especially in a crime situation, because you will not have enough time to open an application on your cellphone. Apart from e.g. attacks – like farm attacks – it happens so suddelnly and quick and reality is that you will be too shocked to even think about opening the application on your phone.  Unfortunately too, the first thing criminals does in a crime situation, is to take your phone away frome you.

 StratIT believes that the answer is a small physical button – which works completely independently from your cellphone – that you can always have with you or wear it on your body, no matter where in the country you are. All you have to do in an emergency situation is to press the button and then the response teams will be activated and notified about your emergency.  They can support you within minutes. A call centre will also contact you on the device (NOT on your cellphone) and should you not answer or are not able to answer, the situation is classified as very serious and the nearest responders will proceed to your location.


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Clients across South Africa are using Community Alert successfully. Please see our case studies and also feel free to meet with our other clients who are using our technology in their environments. Contact us if you need us to introduce you to them.


With us it is all about you as the client. We are focussed on delivering technology and integration that is proofed and tested. We listen to the requirements of our clients and we build on a longterm relationship with each and every person we work with.


StratIT worked for many years with Top Experts in Community Safety across South Africa. Our clients include several Farming Organisations, Mininng sector, Telecommunication sector and other customers across the region


We realise that our current economy is not in a good shape and for this reason we are giving our command and control platform as well as our reaction software to Communities for free