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Community Safety

Farm murders, theft, abuse against women and children, hijacking, political unrest and home robberies are something we have become accustomed to and no person is safe on our roads, in our cities, at holiday resorts or even at our own homes or farms anymore.

The time has come for all good people to say: “Enough is enough!”. Communities should stand up and say we work together, we need to ght back against crime everywhere. Communities need to start by working in harmony, to protect themselves against the evil in our country. The answer lies in unity, where normal people act within the law, integrate their safety activities and protect themselves.

Technology plays an important role in the safe keeping of people and their assets. Our people need to start to protect themselves against crime by utilizing technology. By integrating technology in your community safety initiatives, a drastic decline in criminal activities will be seen. Technology is a force multiplier and has the ability to give you early warnings, save lives and protect your valuable assets. TIME is the most critical factor when it comes to safety and security.

We hear on a daily basis crime victims saying: “If only we could have received support earlier”. The sooner we get a warning in a crime situation, the sooner we can decide and act. Time can be the difference between life or death.

Community members can protect and save each other

With above in mind, StratIT developed the

This system is an integration of technology in your community safety initiatives. Our
system provides the following:

1. Command And Control System (FREE of charge)

StratIT offers our Command and Control software to communities for free. With this system Community
Safety Groups can manage their community members safety and security. They will have capabilities to log on to the system and end the needed information.

With this system, once the SOS Alarm has been activated, the Community Safety Groups can determine the position of the person in distress as well as the responders who are nearest to the incident location. This way the event can be monitored and they will be able to pro-actively control the movement of people in a crime situation. All SOS alarms are immediately activated on this command and control system.

We believe that when communities can proactively manage and control their regions, they can “see, decide and act” in order to prevent crime in their specific areas.

This system is already successfully deployed at various communities in South Africa and these communities are capable to protect each other and also successfully integrate with SAPS, Private Security companies and other community safety groups.

Through our platform we can notify team members, family, friends, SAPS, Security companies and
community members when an individual needs support. This means immediate reaction can be provided and as we know by now: TIME IS CRITICAL.

2. Response Software

Other components that are provided by StratIT includes the response software (for free) to communities. It is easy to use and quick to install it on mobile phones of the individuals, community members, private security, SAPS or anyone who is willing to respond in case of any emergency situation – for both medical and security alerts.

Our system will immediately notify the five nearest responders when someone in a community has activated their panic button in any emergency situation.

The response teams will then be able to act within minutes to arrive in the shortest time to the exact GPRS coordinates where the SOS Alert has been activated.

Through the Command And Control system the Community Safety Leaders can ensure any security alert is dealt with immediately, professionally and successfully.

StratIT offers all training required for above at no cost to the community.

3. Panic Buttons

In South Africa there are tons of different emergency/security mobile applications available. StratIT also give our mobile application for free, once an individual invest in obtaining his/her panic buttons. Once a device is purchased, the subscriber will receive a link to download the app.

Unfortunately a mobile phone is NOT the right device to use when you are in an emergency situation. Especially in a crime situation, because you will not have enough time to open an application on your cellphone. Apart from e.g. attacks – like farm attacks – it happens so suddenly and quick and reality is that you will be too shocked to even think about opening the application on your phone. Unfortunately too, the first thing criminals does in a crime situation, is to take your phone away from you.

StratIT believes that the answer is a small physical button – which works completely independently from your mobile phone - that you can always have with you or wear it on your body, no matter where in the country you are. All you have to do in an emergency situation is to press the button. The call centre and response teams will be activated and notified about your emergency. They can support you within minutes. The call centre will contact you on the device/panic button (NOT on your mobile phone) and should you not answer or are not able to answer, the situation is classified as very serious and the nearest responders will proceed to your location.

Why Choose Us?

Life Alert is the ONLY service that includes both Security and Accidental Emergency Services: (included in the Monthly Subscription)

24/7 Security emergency assistance

As a member of the Life Alert emergency product you will have access to Private Security companies, Fire and Rescue, Advanced Life Support and Accident services, Neighborhood and Farm Watches in rural areas as well as SAPS

24/7 Accidental. emergency assistance

As a member of the Life Alert emergency product you will have access to the largest eet of ambulances and helicopters, including, but not limited to Netcare 911 and ER24.

24/7, 365, control room availability

Dedicated control room with access to a national network of many companies with trained armed responders across South Africa.


With above Community ALERT SYSTEM our objective is to create communities where security, peace, prosperity and self-preservation of ordinary citizens in South Africa are secured. Communities in our country need to be able to protect themselves within the law, against crime.

It doesn’t matter how small or big your community is. Above system can be adopted to work from a small family living together on a farm to entire communities with various interest groups or safety structures. It is all about stopping crime and protecting our lives and assets.

Action against crime is critical for people who are keen to be alert and willing to act in order to protect themselves, their families and communities in their regions, against the enemies of all good people in our country.

Community Alert
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