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Track Your Bike And Protect Yourself Against Crime Or Accidental Medical Situations

Motorcyclists are exposed to risks when they drive to work or for leisure. Motorbike theft is a reality and is increasing in Southern Africa. Our system works across Southern Africa and we are not dependant on the availability of a cellphone network like most other Anti-theft, Tracking and Response Applications in the South African market Whatever the need. Whenever it arises. In any situation our Security and Medical agents are available 24/7

We are Always Ready to Assist Our Clients

24/7 Tracking and Emergency Response Services
How Does It Work?
1. Purchase and Install Your Bike Alert

It is quick and easy to install your Bike Alert Device. With it's "Do-it-Yourself" manual you can easily install your own unit or we can do it for you.

2. Press Panic Button

Press the hidden panic button on your device in case of any emergency.

3. No Mobile Network Required

The Bike Alert device work almost anywhere in South Africa and is NOT dependant on any mobile network.

4. GPS Location

You are instantly located and tracked via your GPS co-ordinates. Simultaneously the closest emergency responders to your location will be noticed to react and assist you.

5. Control Room Calls You

The control room calls you on your mobile phone or panic button to determine your emergency and dispatches either or both services: (Security or Accident Services)

6. Call Centre Notify Emergency Response Teams

At the same time the Call Centre will also communicate all the necessary personal information of the person in need to the response team. We have both Security and Accidental Medical Response across South Africa available.

7. Accidental Emergencies

In case of Accidental Emergency Transportation and Evacuation as well as Guaranteed Acceptance into hospital (mostly private hospitals)

8. Security Emergencies

Closest Security Services dispatched to your location. We have the highest number of security response available across Southern Africa and through our Community Alert services we also have people in many rural areas who can assist you when you are in need.

9. Theft

In the unlikely event of a theft case, we can track and locate the exact position of your bike and we can recover it.

How Do We Do It?

BIKE Alert is the ONLY service that includes Theft Recovery, Security and Accidental Emergency Services: (included in the Monthly Subscription) based on a system that is independant of a cellphone network.

Additional Features of the Bike Alert Device:
Bike Alert
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